Tag: Processing Fees

Processing Fees are the charges incurred when processing payment transactions. They are charged by payment providers to cover the cost of reconciling expected payments, transaction fees, and other related costs. Processing fees are normally a percentage of the total transaction amount and vary by payment provider. The fee can be broken down into components such as per-transaction, gateway and merchant fees. As such, understanding the breakdown of fees can help businesses make an informed decision when picking the right payment provider.


The Loan application processing fee is a fee that is charged to applicants for the processing of their loan request. This fee typically covers the lender’s costs associated with evaluating and processing the loan application. Generally, this fee is non-refundable and is charged regardless of whether or not the loan is approved. The amount of the loan application processing fee varies based on each lender, but typically ranges from one-half to one percent of the loan amount. It is important for applicants to understand the fee before they submit a loan application.